Wayne Hill Sr.

Wayne Hill
Wayne Hill Sr.

Update 7/2/2014
Hope all is going well with you and MTZ!

Last January a local up & coming Producer was flown to NY to meet with Karl Avdek (former Hollywood Studio Director now located in Connecticut.) who after the interview added Local producer (Alexander Clark) to two productions he has in progress.
This is link to Episodes 1 & 4 of Alex's 10 BOUTZ, where I have recurring as Retired Detective Matt Warner, whose called out of retirement for a murder investigation. In this scene I confront the local crime lord in his lair.

*10min Episode One of 10 BOUTZ

11m:49sec Episode IV of 10 BOUTZ

Det. Warner (at 1m35Sec) confronts local crime boss in his pool hall lair. (Det. Warner portion-1min35sec-4min03sec.)

Here is a preview of 10 Boutz, a new web series
that I have major appearance in and my character is a recurring Character!
Here is the 10min mini-preview of Episode one of 10 Boutz. I have a recurring
starring main role in this series. (Has Adult language) The young producer
took this from a feature length movie and decided to expand it into a web
series. After we did my ADR voice over corrections, Producer discovered I had
more lines then his main character! He told me I was a big part of the
preview. I checked. He was right.

In February (2012) I responded to a listing for a Feature Length Film part in Timeless Films current production. I received an e-mail back asking me to call the Director. We had a lengthy conversation and I received another e-mail confirming he believed I would get the Truck Driver's part, but he would finish all the auditions before making a final decision. The Director agreed to a SKYPE audition.

In late April I performed an audition (Which ended up being a 45 minute session, with requested improv's of the Character's background)  via SKYPE and received the following e-mail.
"Hey man the pleasure was all mine! You definitely have such a personality about you that is very unique and I love it! In my mind you ARE Earl. I am going to discuss the choices with my casting director but I have a feeling that she will also agree. 

Thanks so much for being yourself!"

That was followed by this e-mail confirming my casting:
"On 5/22/2012 7:07 PM, B******* O*****( wrote:
Hey Wayne! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! Casting has taken much longer than I thought it would. But now I have the pleasure to tell you that we have picked you for the part of Earl! No one else even came close to your character and I am very excited to start working with you."

During our first SKYPE rehearsal, the Director decided to read the other character's lines and had me fully improv. my character's lines. When we finished the Director advised me that he had decided the main Character and I would improv our lines for this entire scene! We are scheduled to film these scenes this month!

On Sat, Feb 11th, 2012 I responded to an listing for a Feature Film Production in Chicago, In additional to my MTZ E-folio I also include links to my reels in my Listing E-Mail response to leave a fuller impression of my abilities. On June 4th I received the following e-mail from the Casting Director.
"Thank you for the submission,
We really like your look for the Mayor of Chicago. There's no lines and it's a small part nut it's a fun one and you get to wear a nice vintage suit.
Let us know if you'd still be interested in partaking in the film!
We'll begin filming in July."

I was busy during this time and missed any e-mail response, so I sent a simple "Did you get my YES response?"
I received this response to that e-mail.
"On 6/20/2012 10:51 PM, J**** F******** wrote: We certainly did. I'll send some information shortly for wardrobe and filming dates" Thanks David, without being selected by as part of your family I would not have had these opportunities to audition to these Directors and showcase my abilities.  MTZ is the most honest, effective and economical way to get your name and face out there, short of a Hollywood or New York agent!
Respectfully Breaking Legs
Wayne Hill Sr - Actor


Megan Ely
Megan Ely

My daughter Megan got booked for a movie being filmed next month called Living in Sin which is about a campus serial killer.
The job posting didn't specify the age needed but I submitted her online comp card and resume with the standard reply but added a P.S. at the bottom letting the person know that I didn't know if he had a need for someone her age but if he did then we'd be happy for the opportunity to audition.
He responded to let us know that it just so happened that he did indeed need someone her age though he didn't know at the time he posted.
He is going to use her as a background extra but also in 2 additional scenes.
It's nonpaid but she gets a copy of the movie and IMDB credit which is more than she had before. It's going to look good on her resume not to mention the experience she'll gain.
We're really excited about it as well as the audition she's doing later this morning in KY.
We don't mind traveling a little in an effort to land a job and get a resume builder.
I'll let you know if she has any luck on this audition.

We sure hope to win the comp cards and plan to look into getting a portfolio because at the rate Megan's going she sure is going to need it. Hope you have a great weekend and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Sincerely, Tabitha Ely (little Princess Megan's mom)

Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor
Kevin O'Connor

I signed up with MTZ in May of this year and have been cast as an extra in three different productions plus a music video.   My specific opportunities so far have been with the new upcoming Cinemax series “Banshee” (from True Blood and Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball); the 9 Emmy Nominated Showtime series “Homeland” (currently filming Season 2); and the major motion feature film “Iron Man 3rd; with Robert Downey Jr.  The music video was for a local rock singer and writer named Michael A. Smith.  When I submitted for my first job they responded in only 9 minutes!!  I am thrilled that I got TWO calls for work in less than 15 mins after my very first email(s).

Banshee was an amazing experience - truly!  I got in a substantial amount of screen time - for an extra - as far as I could tell - and enjoyed every minute of it.  We shot until 5:00am in the morning - and it was hot!  There were gunshots and blood and broken glasses and all sorts of great stuff happening!  I only wish that Banshee would consider me as a "full-time extra" if there is such a thing.  This was the 1st episode/pilot of the show, and if I got on camera as much as it looked like - as an "upper class citizen of Banshee, PA" - then I would hope that if there were any more scenes during the 10 total episodes where the upper-crust townsfolk were needed, that they would include me.  UP DATE: I've been asked to film on Banshee five more times!  In addition to the “upper class citizen” role – I’ve added a photographer and casino/fight attendee as well.

When I submitted to Homeland, they liked me for a Secret Service Agent.  Upon filming on this role twice – the Director and crew of the show asked me to be one of their Secret Service Agents exclusively!  I have been told they need me for the next episode to be filmed in the next few business days.

When I got the call for Iron Man 3 ("Caged"), I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!!  I filmed bright and early in Wilmington, NC.  They had me as an “On-Air Reporter.”  Filming was an amazing experience.  Spent almost six hours with Robert Downey, Jr.  I imagine I got a fair amount of in-frame camera time, but I didn't have any of my own lines - other than shouting "Mr. Stark!  Mr. Stark!" along with all the other press folks in the scene.  Amazing experience and I hope to be back on set before they wrap.

I have only been with for a little over a month and could not be happier with my experience.  The photo shoot was great and since I had to shoot on Father’s Day, Cynthia was kind enough to take some shots of me and my children together!!    I couldn't have asked for a nicer Father's Day gift!! Truly kind - and I'm very appreciative!  Since I am traveling to Florida shortly I will be checking out the opportunities there!  That is the great thing about working with a nationwide company, I can work anywhere I want to!


Kevin J. O'Connor

Medea Johnson

Medea Johnson
Medea Johnson

I am so grateful I signed up for this account as it has provided a vehicle for attaining my:
- First paid acting role of "The Candidate" in a Nucor Co. training video, Charlotte, NC
- Recent role of "The Librarian" in a Red Knight Films production entitled "Our Father"
- My upcoming featured role in the film entitled "Code of Death" and
- Attack Marketing hired me to work four promotions of Degree Products Live Nation Sampling.

Thank you for the kind reply, I am having so much fun............I just played a role as a featured extra last Saturday in a movie entitled Midnight Matinee Psycho by Young Productions 36 in Martinsville, Va. I have another audition tomorrow evening!!

Thank you!!

Daryl Collins

 Daryl Collins

Daryl Collins

I booked a job in Boston so I'll let you know how it goes. Its on monday. I'll be playing a patient for a doctors office or something like that......

The shoot went great.
Its for a public service announcement
for diabetes. Its gonna be for Boston MA.
There's gonna be a 30 second commercial that airs nationwide and a 5 min. you tube spot.
I'm playing the part of the patient. It should be airing in about 3 wks.
Hopefully this is the start of bigger and better things.

Daryl Collins

......I just want to give you a heads up. Things are starting to pick up for me. I booked another job. This one is for a client that's apperently well know from Austraila who wants to use me to update her magazine. They will provide transportation for me and are paying $500. $250 up front and $250 when the shoot is done. I will email you guys when the shoot is done and let you know how it went. Joining your company So far has been one of the best decisions I've made so far and I only hope it contiunes.

Best regards Daryl Collins.

Jermiah Rivers

Jermiah Rivers

Jermiah Rivers

Just wanted to share after almost three months in my modeling career, I auditioned for a film on January 7th and was selected for the part. The role is in a filming called "Blacknite".
It is from the film "Fairy Tale" by Dave stang. We are schedule to shoot this film in three weeks in Jacksonville Florida. I play 8 year old Maya ( a homeless child).

Jermiah Rivers
Lake Wales, FL

Ashley Flippen

Ashley Flippen

Ashley Flippen

Thanks for everything, I was selected to be a hair model for the January hair fashion show in Roanoke, VA for Italy Hairfashion. It was very exciting to receive star treatment! I had my hair cut, colored and styled and got to work with some really great people. I was also asked to model in their upcoming April fashion show in Richmond, VA as well.

Just two days after the hair show, I was selected to audition for an upcoming SPCA commercial. I can't wait to see what other opportunities you have for me.

~ Ashley Flippen

George Mcpherson

George Mcpherson

George Mcpherson

I Submitted for extra role on Tyler Perry's "House of
Payne". Got a direct booking through Tyler Perry
Studios. Shot extra role in Atlanta, Ga.

George Edward McPherson


Cassie Christman

Cassie Christman

 Cassie Christman of Xtreme Talent 


I have recently done a fitness photoshoot. Bringing outfits to the photoshoot, the photographer chose many different outfits to compliment my skin completion. I took normal pictures and flexed to show my biceps for others. I made video recordings of me just flexing my muscles and arm wrestling. After two hours of shooting, i made $150. It was a very fun, but casual photoshoot. I loved the new experience and can't wait to do more thanks.


Kayla Perkins

Kayla Perkins

Kayla Perkings of Xtreme Talent 


I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been selected to be Dream Girl Model for "Once Upon A Dream" Calendar!

I am so excited and wanted to share my great news today with everyone! I am so thankful for being selected! Check out below all the stuff I won for being chosen as a Model for the Calendar! Anyone wishing to buy one of my Calendars, please let me know! All the money raised from the Calendars will go to ADA - So I am also helping out a great cause! Please support Kayla Perkins and American Diabetes Association!

Get your Calendars today, they will ship out on May! Kayla will also autograph your Calendar if you would like her autograph! I also have a chance to be on Front Cover of Supermodels Unlimited in the future for Once Upon A Dream. Look for my full page Future Supermodel Rising Star ad coming out in SU soon! If you Order your Calendar today before Feb 29th you will save $6 off the price of the calendar!

We do take Paypal for the calendars and we will ship them to your address! Show your support for your Pageant Sister Kayla and ADA Fund!

God Bless!

Michelle & Kayla Perkins



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