Company Name: Ringling College of Art and Design
Job Date: 09/09/2011
Job Location: Ringling College
Job Description:
Casting Breakdown
Sean Benson
“The Forever”

This is a College Senior Thesis Project to be shot on the Red Epic 5K Digital camera with professional grade equipment and a highly school student crew.

*Please note that for both the auditions and production, all talent must provide their own transportation as well as their room and board if they do not live nearby. During production, however, lunch will be provided.

Location: Sarasota, Florida
Payment details: Receives credit, copy and meals.
Audition Date: Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dave, a graphic designer in his mid-20s, sells his beloved 60’s muscle car to buy an engagement ring in a desperate attempt to propose to his girlfriend and keep her from moving to New York for grad school. Along the way he crosses paths with Taylor, a young girl fleeing from her own demons, who helps Dave by prying into his mind, trying to rationalize his repressive tendencies and forces him re-evaluate his relationship and what’s important to him in a way that guides him to assess at his own stubborn nature.


Male. Looks mid-20s. Lean or average build. Dave Palmer is a 27-year-old freelance web and graphic designer who secretly has a plan to keep his current relationship from an imminent end, by proposing before it’s too late.

Female. Looks mid-20s. Carrying excess baggage from multiple failed relationships in her past. Likeable and spontaneous yet tends to over-step boundaries. Her inquisitive nature leads her to question whether Dave has really found true love, because she has never experienced it.

Female. Looks mid-20s. Dedicated business student. Mica seems to have all of her priorities in order. She truly cares about Dave, but is also trying to figure out what is most important in her life.

Male. Looks mid-20s. One of Dave’s best friends who knows him well but is oblvious to the internal strife that Dave is experiencing. A fun-loving, life of the party kind of guy.

Male. Looks mid-40s. A professional-looking business executive who has an unadvertised love of fun and music. Soon to divorce his wife, whom sucked the happiness out of his life.

Female. Looks mid-20s. A high-strung, easily agitated young woman. Waitress and Jake’s current girlfriend.

Contact Information:
Jeffrey Boos is the casting director for The Forever. Please contact him at for any questions.