Olivia (Short Film)

Production: Olivia (Short Film)
Location: Taunton MA
Employer: Bright Morning Star Production
Duration: 9_18_11, starts 9_16_11
(Non-Union artist contracts)
Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Director: James Sullivan. This film take us into a young girls life. Fear of having her life chapters written for her, she runs away leaving her old life behind in search for happiness.

6 breakdowns:
1. Female / 11-14 yrs. / Italian.
(Young Olivia) Lives in fear of her step-father and is in search for love and happiness.
2. Male / 41-50 yrs. / Italian.
(Step-Father) A run down drunk with no job or future. He enjoy to sit on his lazy chair, watch TV and make life difficult for his step daughter (Olivia).
3. Female / 18-24 yrs. / Caucasian.
(Waitress) A bright happy person who love people and has a passion to speak her faith.
4. Female / 25-30 yrs. / Italian.
(Older Olivia) Finds love and happiness in her husband but struggles to keep her self together after loosing her unborn baby. She realizes there must be more to life than this.
5. Male / 15-17 yrs. / Italian.
(Younger Len) A strong willed boy who falls in love with Olivia.
6. Male / 25-30 yrs. / Italian.
(Older Len) A father who is trying to keep his home together but falls into a bad habit of gambling.