A Fair Exchange (Short Film)

Production: A Fair Exchange (Short Film)
Location: Ringling College, Sarasota FL
Employer: Ringling College
Duration: End of Sept. to 15th Oct, starts Auditions September 3rd
(Non-Union artist contracts)
Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Director: Jessica Knight. A 20 minute senior thesis film for Ringling College of Art and Design.
Sam’s father hasn’t been able to find a job in months and with the poor economy their house is mere inches away from being taken. With the popularity of online bidding sites and the notion that sex really does sell, Sam decides to bid away the only thing she has that’s worth any money: her virginity. A dark comedy.

Actors auditioning for the main roles of SAM, MITCH, and GLEN must be available on the shooting dates of 9/30, 10/1, 10/7, 10/8, 10/14, 10/15

There is no pay, as this is a student film, but actors will each receive a DVD copy of the finished film. Ringling has also been named as one of the Top 25 Best Films Schools by The Hollywood Reporter, so this is a great opportunity!

Apply to: Allison Morton
7 breakdowns:

1. Female / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Requires Nudity.
Samantha, AKA Sam, Middleton—fun and spunky girl, your average “Girl Next Door” with a twist. Age range - 17-25 Partial nudity (in underwear and bra) included
2. Male / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Mitchell, AKA Mitch—Sam’s devoted boyfriend, who despite his initial shock at Sam’s plan, decides to help his girlfriend sell her virginity to a stranger because if Sam doesn’t find a way to save her home she’ll be moving to Maine with her aunt. Likes rock music and zombie flicks. Age range – 17-25
3. Male / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Glenn— A nervous, nerdy, computer geek guy. Likes photography and is drawn into the mix when Sam recruits him to help create her website. Age range - 17-25
4. Male / 31-40 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Bill, Sam’s widowed father, is down on his luck and is finding it impossible to score another job. He’s taken up a hobby his deceased wife used to love: painting. Although his skills are a bit rusty, he’s hoping he can sell some of his paintings online. Age range - 35-55
5. Male / Any yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Marcus, an undercover officer who leads the prostitution sting that eventually nabs Sam. Open to a broad range of physicality and looks. Age range - 25-45 6. Male / Any yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Tow Truck Man- A tow truck guy repossesses Bill’s car in the beginning of the film. Smaller role. Described as “weather worn” but open to a range of physicality. Age range - 30-60
7. Either gender / Any yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
3 officers - male or female to help Marcus in the prostitution sting. Age range - 25-50