Casting Call (Raleigh)

We are scouting SERIOUS aspiring actors, meaning they are looking to be in a film that will give them experience and exposure that will lead to paid acting roles. Our film is diverse and we're looking for varied nationalities to fit these roles. Must be able to learn lines quickly. Please submit your head shot and/or clear photographs. If your look meets with any of our available roles we will notify you within 72 hrs or less with further details. Please DO NOT submit a head shot if you have no plans of following through to submit a video audition. This is a very serious project and we don't want to waste your time or ours. We have production companies that are seriously pursuing our final project. Food and beverages will be available at every filming session.


1. Lucifer (Between ages 45-55) (Handsome)
2. Deacon Myron Phelps(Between ages 50-65) Needs to be filled ASAP!
3. Delightful Hanson (Between ages 20-30) Needs to be filled ASAP!
4. Tim Bryson (Between ages 45-55) Caucasian Male Needs to be filled ASAP!
5. Retired Supreme Court Justice Judge Vern Walden Yates (Between ages 55-65) Caucasian Male (Interracial Couple) Needs to be filled ASAP!
6.)Negotiator Pendelton (Between ages 38-45) Needs to be filled ASAP!
7.)Peddler(female) (Between ages 38-48)
8.)Jay (Between ages 25-30) (Handsome) Needs to be filled ASAP!


1.)Featured Extras (Children males/females) (Between ages 8-18) Needed for church/cookout scenes.
2.)Featured Extras (Adults males/females) (Between ages 18-60) Needed for church/cookout scenes.
3.)Doodles(Hood Chick) (Between ages 25-30) Voluptuous Figure
4.)Melvin & Tec (Producers) (Very Short Lines) (Between ages 30-40)