Liquor promos $15/hr-Stockbridge, GA

Female promotional models, 21 or older, needed to work on-going off-premise liquor promos (at liquor stores) in Stockbridge, GA. Promos take place either on Fridays 5-8pm or Saturdays 4-7pm. Pays $15/hr ($45 total).

Must be outgoing, a good sales person, and EXTREMELY reliable. The goal of the promotion is to sell as many bottles as you can off the shelves. Must have a small table and table cloth that you can take with you and must have a digital camera or cellphone capable of taking good quality photos indoors.

Please submit at least 4 pics and previous experience (if any) for consideration. If you have previous experience working off-premise liquor promos, please mention what is your average number of bottles sold per promo. If you don't have experience, we will train you!