Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor
Kevin O'Connor

I signed up with MTZ in May of this year and have been cast as an extra in three different productions plus a music video.   My specific opportunities so far have been with the new upcoming Cinemax series “Banshee” (from True Blood and Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball); the 9 Emmy Nominated Showtime series “Homeland” (currently filming Season 2); and the major motion feature film “Iron Man 3rd; with Robert Downey Jr.  The music video was for a local rock singer and writer named Michael A. Smith.  When I submitted for my first job they responded in only 9 minutes!!  I am thrilled that I got TWO calls for work in less than 15 mins after my very first email(s).

Banshee was an amazing experience - truly!  I got in a substantial amount of screen time - for an extra - as far as I could tell - and enjoyed every minute of it.  We shot until 5:00am in the morning - and it was hot!  There were gunshots and blood and broken glasses and all sorts of great stuff happening!  I only wish that Banshee would consider me as a "full-time extra" if there is such a thing.  This was the 1st episode/pilot of the show, and if I got on camera as much as it looked like - as an "upper class citizen of Banshee, PA" - then I would hope that if there were any more scenes during the 10 total episodes where the upper-crust townsfolk were needed, that they would include me.  UP DATE: I've been asked to film on Banshee five more times!  In addition to the “upper class citizen” role – I’ve added a photographer and casino/fight attendee as well.

When I submitted to Homeland, they liked me for a Secret Service Agent.  Upon filming on this role twice – the Director and crew of the show asked me to be one of their Secret Service Agents exclusively!  I have been told they need me for the next episode to be filmed in the next few business days.

When I got the call for Iron Man 3 ("Caged"), I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!!  I filmed bright and early in Wilmington, NC.  They had me as an “On-Air Reporter.”  Filming was an amazing experience.  Spent almost six hours with Robert Downey, Jr.  I imagine I got a fair amount of in-frame camera time, but I didn't have any of my own lines - other than shouting "Mr. Stark!  Mr. Stark!" along with all the other press folks in the scene.  Amazing experience and I hope to be back on set before they wrap.

I have only been with for a little over a month and could not be happier with my experience.  The photo shoot was great and since I had to shoot on Father’s Day, Cynthia was kind enough to take some shots of me and my children together!!    I couldn't have asked for a nicer Father's Day gift!! Truly kind - and I'm very appreciative!  Since I am traveling to Florida shortly I will be checking out the opportunities there!  That is the great thing about working with a nationwide company, I can work anywhere I want to!


Kevin J. O'Connor