Wayne Hill Sr.

Wayne Hill
Wayne Hill Sr.

Update 7/2/2014
Hope all is going well with you and MTZ!

Last January a local up & coming Producer was flown to NY to meet with Karl Avdek (former Hollywood Studio Director now located in Connecticut.) who after the interview added Local producer (Alexander Clark) to two productions he has in progress.
This is link to Episodes 1 & 4 of Alex's 10 BOUTZ, where I have recurring as Retired Detective Matt Warner, whose called out of retirement for a murder investigation. In this scene I confront the local crime lord in his lair.

*10min Episode One of 10 BOUTZ


11m:49sec Episode IV of 10 BOUTZ


Det. Warner (at 1m35Sec) confronts local crime boss in his pool hall lair. (Det. Warner portion-1min35sec-4min03sec.)

Here is a preview of 10 Boutz, a new web series
that I have major appearance in and my character is a recurring Character!
Here is the 10min mini-preview of Episode one of 10 Boutz. I have a recurring
starring main role in this series. (Has Adult language) The young producer
took this from a feature length movie and decided to expand it into a web
series. After we did my ADR voice over corrections, Producer discovered I had
more lines then his main character! He told me I was a big part of the
preview. I checked. He was right.


In February (2012) I responded to a MTZ.biz listing for a Feature Length Film part in Timeless Films current production. I received an e-mail back asking me to call the Director. We had a lengthy conversation and I received another e-mail confirming he believed I would get the Truck Driver's part, but he would finish all the auditions before making a final decision. The Director agreed to a SKYPE audition.

In late April I performed an audition (Which ended up being a 45 minute session, with requested improv's of the Character's background)  via SKYPE and received the following e-mail.
"Hey man the pleasure was all mine! You definitely have such a personality about you that is very unique and I love it! In my mind you ARE Earl. I am going to discuss the choices with my casting director but I have a feeling that she will also agree. 

Thanks so much for being yourself!"

That was followed by this e-mail confirming my casting:
"On 5/22/2012 7:07 PM, B******* O*****( wrote:
Hey Wayne! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! Casting has taken much longer than I thought it would. But now I have the pleasure to tell you that we have picked you for the part of Earl! No one else even came close to your character and I am very excited to start working with you."

During our first SKYPE rehearsal, the Director decided to read the other character's lines and had me fully improv. my character's lines. When we finished the Director advised me that he had decided the main Character and I would improv our lines for this entire scene! We are scheduled to film these scenes this month!

On Sat, Feb 11th, 2012 I responded to an MTZ.biz listing for a Feature Film Production in Chicago, In additional to my MTZ E-folio I also include links to my reels in my Listing E-Mail response to leave a fuller impression of my abilities. On June 4th I received the following e-mail from the Casting Director.
"Thank you for the submission,
We really like your look for the Mayor of Chicago. There's no lines and it's a small part nut it's a fun one and you get to wear a nice vintage suit.
Let us know if you'd still be interested in partaking in the film!
We'll begin filming in July."

I was busy during this time and missed any e-mail response, so I sent a simple "Did you get my YES response?"
I received this response to that e-mail.
"On 6/20/2012 10:51 PM, J**** F******** wrote: We certainly did. I'll send some information shortly for wardrobe and filming dates" Thanks David, without being selected by ModelandTalentZone.biz as part of your family I would not have had these opportunities to audition to these Directors and showcase my abilities.  MTZ is the most honest, effective and economical way to get your name and face out there, short of a Hollywood or New York agent!
Respectfully Breaking Legs
Wayne Hill Sr - Actor