Megan Ely
Megan Ely

My daughter Megan got booked for a movie being filmed next month called Living in Sin which is about a campus serial killer.
The job posting didn't specify the age needed but I submitted her online comp card and resume with the standard reply but added a P.S. at the bottom letting the person know that I didn't know if he had a need for someone her age but if he did then we'd be happy for the opportunity to audition.
He responded to let us know that it just so happened that he did indeed need someone her age though he didn't know at the time he posted.
He is going to use her as a background extra but also in 2 additional scenes.
It's nonpaid but she gets a copy of the movie and IMDB credit which is more than she had before. It's going to look good on her resume not to mention the experience she'll gain.
We're really excited about it as well as the audition she's doing later this morning in KY.
We don't mind traveling a little in an effort to land a job and get a resume builder.
I'll let you know if she has any luck on this audition.

We sure hope to win the comp cards and plan to look into getting a portfolio because at the rate Megan's going she sure is going to need it. Hope you have a great weekend and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Sincerely, Tabitha Ely (little Princess Megan's mom)