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Salena Music

 Selena Music 

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You used to tell me that it takes time and it doesn't happen over night, and you're right! But in the end it does pay off.

I had my first job promoting for Buick at a golf tournament in Ponte Vedra. I worked 7 days and got paid $150 a day! That's a great start I think! The client loved me and asked me to travel throughout the United States with them over the summer, for an even higher pay!

I also have an Axe promotion coming up in Daytona, and then after that, I was offered a job as a promo girl at a Nascar event in Daytona which will be in July.

This is all thanks to you and your agency. You have always been so easy to talk to and always so professional. Thank you for helping me build my resume and helping me gain the confidence I need to succeed.

I will keep you updated on things in the future!