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We have changed the weekly email to go out on Wednesdays. We felt like it would be better to get our talent the postings before the weekend, since alot of the jobs are on the weekends. Please make sure to add talent_jobs@talentservices.biz to your address book. This will make sure you receive these important emails.

*Ambitious Model Contest*

We would like to know about your Direct Bookings, Every time you get a direct booking let us know by submitting the info to us. Each month the models with the most direct bookings and most exciting direct bookings will receive 50 free comp cards. A value of over 100 dollars. The more you submit the better your chances are of winning. Please include specific details of the jobs you have worked.

email: ambitiousmodel@talentservices.biz

*Clients click here to post your jobs on this website!