Tallahassee FL (Valdosta GA) BA

Job Description :

Job Title: Job Code: 58877
Job Category: None Location: GA - Valdosta
Sales Driven Tallahassee Area (Valdosta, GA) Brand Ambassadors Needed ASAP!

RedPeg Marketing is seeking experienced, enthusiastic and professional ROCKSTAR SALES driven Brand Ambassadors to represent a leading satellite television service provider. The Brand Ambassadors will work along side and assist the Field Sales Managers (FSM) at pre-promotions and activations at pre-determined local properties. They will help in serving as a liaison between the service provider and residents, responsible for co-managing all aspects of the pre-promotional initiatives as well as the onsite activations in the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest markets.

Job Description:
• Be well versed in the satellite service provider’s product, hardware and marketing offerings as well as sales process
• Attend training on the satellite service provider’s products and services to be set up by Field Sales Managers
• Assist FSM in increasing sales by pre-determined goals set by client
• Ensure proper marketing collateral are stocked at various key intersection points in properties during events
• Execute pre-promotional flyering and door tagging at properties as assigned by FSM
• Execute on site activations at properties as assigned by FSM
• Hand out marketing collateral and premiums at events
• Update online reporting tool with all necessary collected information from each event, working hand-in-hand with FSM
• Hold consistent verbal and email communication with FSM during event set up, execution and breakdown
• Be able to answer questions, engage and educate property residents on features, available packages and programs of the leading satellite provider you’re representing while on site
• Assist FSM in executing 90-125 events throughout the year (dependant upon market)
• Take 6-10 pictures of events focusing on branding of event and resident interactions and send them to the FSM within 24 hours of the event
• Other duties as assigned
• Potential interaction with media: radio, TV, press

This is a heavy sales and relationship based position and the right candidate must have the following qualification
• Must have promotional experience
• Professional appearance
• Excellent client service skills
• Outgoing personality, self-motivated, reliable, organized and driven
• Reliable transportation a MUST
• The ability to sell

Hours: Based on availability, 2-5 hour events
Compensation: $20-22/hour
Duration: 12 months with possible extension based on program success.
Position to be evaluated

Job Requirements :
This is a heavy sales and relationship based position and the right candidate must have the following qualification
• Must have promotional experience
• Professional appearance
• Excellent client service skills
• Outgoing personality, self-motivated, reliable, organized and driven
• Reliable transportation a MUST
• The ability to sell

Hours: Based on availability, 2-5 hour events
Compensation: $20-22/hour
Duration: 12 months with possible extension based on program success.
Position to be evaluated

Location : Tallahassee
State : Florida
Contact : Email

Awesome Street Team Needed To Promote Good Cause This Friday! $19+ Per Hour!

Who doesn't love a promotion for an amazing cause?! Well, if you're into making a difference then we want to hear from you. This FRIDAY 8/12 we need our BEST OMAHA representatives for a street team, possibly outside of a big concert.

If you support music, LGBT causes and have the keen ability to talk to anyone about it, read on and apply today - NOTE: This event is executing in a couple days!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Omaha, NE

Friday, August 12: 6:30pm - 10:30pm

1 Lead
3 Brand Ambassadors
1 Pocket Shift

Street team of Brand Ambassadors to distribute collateral outside of a concert in Omaha on Friday August 12. Attack! will supply a team of 1 Lead BA & 3 BA's for 4 hours.

Client providing t-shirt
Staff to wear clean, black pants
Clean comfortable dark shoes or sneakers

Lead: $20/Hour
Brand Ambassador: $19/Hour
Pocket Shift: $19/Hour

Female Spokesmodels Needed For Raleigh Events ASAP!

Company Name: RedPeg Markting
Job Date: 08/25/2011
Job Location: Raleigh, NC
Job Description:

Job Title: Job Code: 59084
Job Category: None Location: NC - Raleigh
Female Spokesmodels Needed For Raleigh Events ASAP!
We are looking for attractive female spokesmodels in the Raleigh, NC area to help execute some high profile events!! The event details are as follows:

Event Location:
Raleigh, NC

*ESTIMATED Dates & Times:
Friday August 26th 12p-9p*
Saturday August 27th
Sunday August th 9a-5p*
*Indicates that times are are subject to change

Qualified candidates must have/be :
Previous experience in the promotional/experiential marketing industry a plus
Outgoing personality, charismatic, self-motivated, and responsible
Strong verbal communication skills
Ability to connect with a variety of people on a college campus
Entrepreneurial attitude
Supportive of the U.S. Military
Knowledge of the U.S. Military a plus


Competition​: Asian Female Models from Boston, New England, New York!

Open to all Asian female applicants from Boston, New England, New York. Our top two winners will be going to LA! Last year's LA winner was awarded movie contract. No Height Requirement: There are two categories, runway models (5'6" and up) and photo models (under 5'6"). Please Note: No experience necessary. Applicants need to be 17-29 years old. AsianBoston's First Place Winners will receive plane tickets (and other prizes) to Los Angeles to compete in the IFashion SuperModel Finals...all competition related expenses paid courtesy of the Los Angeles organizers. If you are a serious candidate, please click here for details and application process.

OPEN CASTING CALL "Children of Wax"

UNC School of the Arts - School of Filmmaking
Children of Wax
Fourth Year Film
Casting Call Dates: July 23 & July 30, 2011
Synopsis: Children of Wax unfolds as a camp!re story about a villainous old woman, Callieach, who must burn candles containing the souls of children to stay alive. When a widow, Heidi, !nds her six children abducted, she must battle the evil that is Callieach if she is to see her children again.
Shooting Dates: Oct. 29,30,31 & Nov 5,6,7, 2011
Casting Call for July 23 & 30, 2011:
We are casting for the roles of Drystan, Gavin, Rhedyn, Kearney, Keeland, Farriss, Cailyn, Cayden, Ashlyn, Riane.

Kearney: Female, 5-6; Spoiled brat. Kearney gets everything she asks for, but doesn’t ask for much. She has eyes that could melt a snowman and a smile that could turn the grinch into pudding. She follows Rhedyn around like it’s her job. Everything he says she agrees with, even if she really doesn’t. they’re best friends.
Rhedyn: Male, 6-8; An adventurous spirit, he’s never afraid of anything. He looks out for Kearney the most. the day Kearney was born, his mom let him hold her !rst. He vowed to always protect her.
They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Gavin: Male, 8-10; the biggest heart of them all, Gavin suffers from classic middle child syndrome. He always feels the need to prove himself in front of his siblings. He picks !ghts with Drystan but always loses.

Drystan: Male, 11-13; the oldest and wisest, he has been nominated “Man of the House.” He takes care of his siblings; the leader of the pack. the only one who doesn’t seem to believe it is Gavin. Drystan is teaching Gavin a lesson by taking his siblings to the woods tonight because Gavin was bragging about how much tougher than Drystan he is.

Keeland: Male, 6-7; the smallest and bravest of all. Keeland is sel$ess, innocent, brave, imaginative, and idealistic. Nothing is impossible and everything fascinates him. He reminds others to be more forgiving and how beautiful the innocence of childhood is. He gets along with Cailyn the most because they are both fascinated by the sky. Cailyn tries to teach Keeland about astronomy. Keeland doesn’t understand but pretends to. He just likes listening to her talk because he knows a lot of people don’t listen to her. He carries around jelly beans.

Farriss: Male, 8-10; Farriss is con!dent, impatient, compulsive, passionate, and brave. He tries to stay out of trouble but sometimes it just !nds him. He is the loner of his siblings, he has more fun by himself collecting bugs. He collects things like rocks, shells, butter$ies, $owers and leaves and keeps them in a box under his bed.

Cailyn: Female, 12-13; Cailyn is passive, quiet, timid, intuitive, a book worm, and wise beyond her years. She has the purest soul and the biggest heart. She sees things in formulas and laws and thrives on reason and hope. She is fascinated by astronomy, science, and philosophy, reading every chance she gets. She gets along best with Keeland because she catches him staring at the stars and likes teaching all she knows.

Cayden: Male, 13-15; Cayden is determined, impulsive, stubborn, jealous, strong, and intelligent. He has nominated himself man of the house and tries to uphold this title around Riane. They argue because of the power struggle, but Riane always wins because she’s older by default. He has low self esteem and acts on impulse rather than reason. Although he does trust Riane’s intentions, he feels an obligation to assert himself as the man of the house, since he’s the oldest male.

Ashlyn: Female, 14-16; Ashlyn is beautiful, cunning, meticulous, intellectual, impulsive, intimidating, and sharp. She tries her hardest to differ from her sister Riane because she always compares herself to her. She picks on Cailyn more than anyone in order to take out her frustration from Riane, Cailyn takes it because she is passive and understanding.

Riane: Female, 17-18; Riane is the oldest, wisest, and absolutely stunning. She is intuitive, cautious, protective, and understanding. She has strong decisive qualities and often goes with her gut reaction, like her mother. She has taken the position of a parent !gure for the rest of her siblings. Her siblings have complete faith in her; they know nothing else. They all feel safer when she is around.

Siomon: Male, 4-6; Siomon is curious, jolly, brilliant, shy, dazzling, creative, and inspired. He is Callieach's youngest son. He is a very small boy for his age, his eyes are huge; full of wonder and curiosity. He is of Irish decent. He doesn't talk because he doesn't trust others, he only whispers in the ear of those he loves.

*While Siomon has no speaking roles he will be featured in an animation sequence.
NOTE: Drystan, Gavin, Rhedyn, & Kearney are all siblings who sit around the camp!re. Keeland, Farriss, Cailyn, Cayden, Ashlyn & Riane are all siblings within the story being told at the camp!re.

Top Model Auditions

ANTM auditions Ohio, New York, Illinois, Florida and Maine

America’s Next Top Model producers are casting this weekend!

ANTM will be in the following cities: Dayton Ohio, Peoria IL, Utica NY, Ft. Lauderdale FL and Portland ME. Come on down to one of these locations for your chance to be on the show!

Ladies – practice your smiles, throw on the war paint, strap on the stilettos and come show producers your fiercest catwalk!


Do you think you have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model? Come find out this weekend!

Is your city not listed for this weekend? no worries. The nationwide casting has just begun and many more locations are scheduled – Check out the

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