Connecticut theatre auditions “Oklahoma”

Auditions for “Oklahoma”: September 8, 15, 2011 on the stage.
Actors, singers and dancers of all ages and experience are welcome.
Performance dates are February 3,4,5,10,11,12 2012

Open Call — Let Me C Your Style

Open Call — Let Me C Your Style
Casting location: New York, New York
Mercedes-Benz and Derek Lam are searching for the most stylish girl on Crosby street with the must-have accessory the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe.

Join the style panel of Derek Lam and casting director James Scully for an open casting call.

(Open to the first 200 participants, must be at least 18 years of age)

Casting Location: New York, New York

Atlanta Casting Call “The Stub”

“The Stub”
Casting location: Atlanta, Georgia
Casting Call


PRODUCING COMPANY: Georgia State University Graduate Digital Production Film – Drama.

SYNOPSIS: A man is arrested for the alleged murder of his boss. He insists that he is innocent and asks his best friend to help him plant an item at his house for an alibi. His best friend must decide what is more important to him- helping his friend or upholding his morals.

Male, any race, 20-30, average weight and height, well kempt
– Aspiring chef, loves cooking, friendly. He has to decide whether or not he will plant an alibi for his best friend.

Male, any race, 20-30, beefy frame, slightly unkempt
– Laid-back, hardworking scientist who is arrested for the alleged murder of his boss.

Male, any race, 30-50, preferably bald, nerdy
– Leading research scientist at a company who has gotten greedy and takes the credit of his new, young employees.

Female, any race, 30-45, professional, well kempt, perky
– News reporter who reports the murder story on television.

Male, any race, 20-40, very beefy frame, intense, confident
– Security guard who guards the prison

Male or Female, any race, 25-40, average weight, attractive
– Detective who questions a character concerning the alleged murder

Shooting Dates [1 week within this range of dates]:
[September 27 – November 8] [Specific dates TBA]
Send photo/resume ASAP [Auditions held mid-September in downtown Atlanta]
STUDENT, NON-UNION, PAYMENT = FOOD, GAS during production, and DVD COPY at completion.

Casting Contact:
Send headshot and resume to:

Sides will be sent to those selected for audition. Auditions will be scheduled after selection for audition.

Casting Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Columbia S.C. Auditions for Play

Understudies needed for hit stage play
Casting location: Columbia S.C
A Raw Production is currently looking for Male and female understudies for the hit stage Play- My Husband’s Woman. Please email headshot and resume to:

Casting Location: Columbia S.C
Contact email:

Casting Call Student Film

Spider In the Bathtub Drain
Casting location: Atlanta, GA ‘local only’
Georgia State University Graduate Thesis Film – Drama.
Synopsis: A nurse uses food to escape her feelings, but must confront a defiant patient to overcome the reasons behind her obesity and discover true love.

Casting Needs:
NATALIE – Female, white, 40-45, overweight, pale skin.
– nurse who socially isolates herself and uses food to mask her painful feelings.

CARL – Male, white, 70-75, thin frame.
– combative old man with lung disease who just wants out of the hospital.

ROBERT – Male, white or black, 42-47, kind eyes, spare tire.
– security guard with a true affection for the overweight nurse, whom he pursues with respect and lighthearted humor.

MISS DELANEY – Female, any race, 70-75, smiling face, frazzled hair.
– old woman patient with a childlike spirit, whose mind seems to be going but who is acutely more aware than anyone realizes.

CHARGE NURSE – Female, any race, 50-55, sinewy, alert.
– head nurse who will not tolerate poor performance from her staff that might negatively affect the quality of patient care.

YOUNG NURSE – Female, white, 24-27, thin, attractive.
– by the book young nurse who has no problem reporting co-worker’s infractions.

FATHER – Male, white, 35-40, athletic build, good posture.
– father who confuses boundaries and acts inappropriately with his daughter.

MOTHER – Female, white, 30-35, slender, attractive.
– self-involved mother, too busy to notice the signs of her daughter’s abuse.

YOUNG GIRL – Female Child, white, 10-15, chubby, pale skin.
– young girl who longs to escape the abuse she suffers at the hand of her father.

Shooting Dates:
[October 21 – October 30] [Specific dates TBA]
Send photo/resume ASAP [Auditions held mid-September in downtown Atlanta]

New Jersey Acting Auditions


Our Performing Arts Company, now in its 6th year, is seeking talented musical theatre performers ages 11-18 who can sing, dance and act, and are looking to use their talent to better the community! This musical troupe represents the Theatre by performing Broadway-style musical numbers at community events, fundraisers, hospitals, special events and festivals around New Jersey. This is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills, gain exposure and help those in need.
Rehearsals: Tuesdays 6-8p.m. and some Sundays 1:00-4:00 pm Performances: Varies (mostly weekends and Thursday evenings)

Audition: Tuesday, September 13th 6:00-8:00 pm
(Sign-up begins at 5:30 p.m.)

Please prepare an uptempo song that shows off your vocal range and personality and bring sheet music. Be prepared to dance. After all have sung, a brief dance combination will be taught.

Casting Location: New Jersey

Casting call for Extras “Lincoln” 2012

Auditions for Extras for the new Steven Spielberg movie “Lincoln”

An open casting call is scheduled for mid February for “Lincoln”. Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” is set to begin filming in Virginia in October and casting directors are now hiring extras for the film shoot. “Lincoln” is set in 1865 and will star Tommy Lee Jones, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, James Spader and many others. The movie has a scheduled release date in December of 2012.

The film has also been referred to as “Office Seekers” in other casting calls.

Casting directors are looking to fill the following roles:

* Men, African American and white to play soldiers, slaves and citizens in 1865
* White men who play an orchestral instrument.
* African American men under 40 who can ride a horse.
* African American and white women dress size 6 to 12 with long hair (longer than shoulder length) to play slaves and other women in 1865.

The extras casting call will be held on September 15th from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This event is only for extras that are 18 and over, please do not bring any children.

Casting for a toy manufacturer print shoot

Please see the details below and respond asap to if you are interested in this. Responses from parents or legal guardians only.

Casting for a toy manufacturer print shoot

Casting a print shoot for a well known toy manufacturer. The shoot is for a toy pony, approx 17" tall. Looking for girls that look between the ages of 10-12. The photo will be used for product packaging and website.

Must be very comfortable in front of the camera. The girl will be seen in the photo, playing with the toy pony.

Shoot Date: TBD in September. Possibly 3-4 days.

Shoot Location: TBD

The casting will be in Newton MA on WEDNESDAY Sept 7, from 1 - 5 PM, and will consist of just a couple of quick photos taken with a prop that will simulate the relative size of the toy pony.

TO BE CONSIDERED for this casting, please send 1-2 CURRENT snapshots to with:

Child's Name
Your Name and Contact #
SUBJECT LINE should read: Toy: Child's Name
Photo(s) should show a good smile and personality.

All photo submissions will be reviewed, and email invitations sent to those who the client would like to see at the casting. If cast, the rate is $90.95/hr for kids 12 and under with a 2 hour min and 133.75/hr for ages 13 +.

Casting Jan and Frenchy in "Grease"

Wakefield Repertory Theatre is seeking actors for "Grease" to play Jan and Frenchy.

Auditions will be held by appointment only on Tuesday, September 6 and Thursday, September 8. Rehearsals are Tues/Thurs/Sun nights, and will include mandatory rehearsals on Columbus Day weekend.

Jan....................Mezzo. Cute, compulsive eater, bossy with the other Pink Ladies, but shy with boys.

Frenchy.............Alto (no solo songs). Pink Lady. A dreamer, good-natured, not overly bright. Fussy about her appearance, particularly her hair, and likes to get dolled-up and do makeovers.

Please contact Kim Beauchemin at to arrange an audition.

Bikini / Glamour Girl

Company Name: Group Five Photosports
Job Date: 09/28/2011
Job Location: Clearwater Beach, FL.
Job Description:
Bikini / Glamour Girl style project in late September has opening for one new model. Ages 13-17, no tattoos, look great in modern swimwear styles. No experience required.

Job pays $100 an hour and requires parental permission of selected.

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