Homeland Casting males ages 12 -16

Homeland Casting
Seeking males ages 12 -16 of Middle Eastern, Indian, Greek or Hispanic, Latino descent to work on Monday.
Send photo, name,age, phone, height,weight to us at

If you know of anyone -help spread the word.

'Picture Picture'

Picture Perfect is a short film by a few rising filmmakers.
We need about 10 extra around the age of 25+ (3 will be featured extras).
The shoot day is September 18 at 3pm

Thank You.


CASTING male lead in SLASHER/COMEDY ~~~ Hipster Holocaust ~~~ (Wilmington, NC)

We\'re wrapping up casting on out short film Hipster Holocaust and need a male lead to audition ASAP! The production is being held out of UNCW.

Our film is a slasher/comedy, and shooting is scheduled for later this month. All shooting takes place on weekends, so availability is key.

Character description:
-- looks early to mid-20s
- young, smug, and fashionable hipster
- styled like a bastardized mix of JFK and a gay English prep boy
-Self-righteous, obnoxious, and offensive. . .. . .
-most importantly, he wears a different scarf for every hour of the day

Call or email me if you are interested in auditioning. We will hold a cold script read as soon as you are available to do so.

•Compensation: exposure through local and national film festivals, great resume builder

Casting Call For Two Minute Teaser Trailer (Wilmington, NC)

Casting Call For Two Minute Teaser Trailer (Wilmington, NC)

Producer looking to cast roles for a two minute trailer for a psychological horror film currently in development. Could turn into paid roles when it gets produced as a full length feature. There are four speaking roles and five non-speaking roles required. Breakdown is below:

Speaking roles:

The Killer (male, late 20s)-Handsome, well-built with an extreme dark side

Reverend Benjamin (male, late 40s early 50s)-Fire and brimstone fundamentalist preacher

Michelle (female, college age)-brunette college student who is very much a flirt

Tom (male, college age)-Michelle's boyfriend, preppy law school type college student

Non-Speaking roles:

Julie (female, late teens to early twenties)-brunette schoolgirl who loves to tease

Janette (female, mid 20s)-beautiful working girl with a hip hop attitude

Cindy (female, late teens to early twenties)-redhead schoolgirl type

Shelley (female, early 20s)-angelic and innocent-looking blonde

Rob (male, early 20s)-cocky hip hop nightclub guy

Speaking role would require at least a full day's work while non-speaking would require half a day at most. Please send pictures, resume, what role or roles you are interested in, and a demo reel if possible to .

•Compensation: Will Pay When Made Into A Feature

Casting Call For Short Film

Casting call for dramatic short film. This story will require the efforts of very strong actors as it will deal with depression and the struggle to move on when you're no longer with the one person you had dedicated your life to.

We will be filming in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Casting call will be held this Sunday September 18th in Rock Hill, SC.

This is a non-paid project; however copy, IMDB credit, and meals are provided. Filming tentatively scheduled for the end of September or first weekend of October (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday film schedule)

Seeking the following:

Mia: Late 20's to early 30's - City girl that has moved to the south to get out of the busy life. Marries David. (already cast)

Chris: Male, late 20's to early 30's. Kind, compassionate, a longtime friend of David and Mia. Concerned for the mental health of Mia.

David: Male, late 20's to early 30's. Tall, handsome southern gentleman who owns a small shop on the other side of town. Husband of Mia.

John: Late 40's to 50's - Mia's boss at the local newspaper company.
Business man, tough, but cares about Mia as if she were his own daughter.

Misc extras as well as police officers who have uniforms and ems/emt who have uniforms.

Please submit headshots and resumes - or questions - to

Thank you and good luck!

Male Hispanic Actor 20-30 Needed for Short Film

I am producing a short film and am in need of a male Hispanic actor around the age of 25 to play a role in the film.

The character's name is Edwin and he can be described as energetic and outgoing. Though I am open to different interpretations of his character as well.

The film is about a man who returns home after 4 years away. Leaving his family and friends behind after stealing a large amount of money from a drug gang. The story begins when he mysteriously returns to his hometown where the gang is still looking for him. Even though he is in danger of the gang finding him, he takes the risk to be with his family, to be home and not running anymore. And evidently the gang finds him and he learns about a big sacrifice that he forced his brother (Edwin) to make.

Filming will be on a weekend in October and the actor will be needed for 2 days of filming.

Filming will be in Winston-Salem, gas will be compensated if driving from outside of WS. Also food will be provided on set.

Please submit even if you are interested but do not have a lot of acting experience. I am willing to work with you if you have the willingness to learn.

Thank you

Legacy Farms Haunted Halloween!!! Casting/Crew Call (Wallace, NC)

Casting/Crew Call (Wallace, NC)

Want to have fun at a temporary, part time job this fall? Join our team as Legacy Farms produces its first annual Haunted Halloween!!! We are in need of good, dependable cast and crew to help us run a large Haunted House event which includes a corn maze and haunted house experience. You must agree to be available for all dates of operation, eager to scare and/or help out and be on time. We will need actors, booth operators, security, ticket takers, parking lot attendants and more.
Interviews will begin next week by appointment only. Please respond to this email with your name, phone number, email address and level of interest.
I will be contacting you to set up your interview and provide you with directions.
Reply as soon as possible, interviews begin Tuesday of next week!!

Casting for "The Scariest Monster" short film.

~ Open casting call for University of North Carolina School of the Arts: School of Filmmaking short forth year film entitled "The Scariest Monster". ~

"The Scariest Monster" Synopsis:

Nathaniel, a loner on the brink of "pre-teendom" must face the most difficult decision of his life... Live in the safe haven of his wild imagination with his loyal, furry Monster companion. Or face the scariest monster of all... Growing up.

Please bring resume & headshot to the audition. Online auditions are also accepted. Make sure to forward me your digital headshot & resume too.

Lead Actors:


Male, (11 - 13 years) - is a lonely young boy on the brink of adolescence. He must face the most difficult decision of his life. In the shadow of his own imagination he creates the scariest monster of all… having to growing up. With his faithful monster friend at his side protecting him from the outside dangers of the adult world, it is Nathan who must overcome his fears in order to transcend childhood. He is part Elliot from E.T. (1982) and part Ofelia from Pan’s Labyrinth (2006).


Male, (12 - 14 years) - is an equally lonely kid, but in a different way. Joe’s own insecurities cloud his mind from his own innocence. In other words Joe is a kid that grew up too fast and forgot about Santa Clause before it was fashionable for a kid to. Joe has tendencies of the classic rebel and is sometimes a bully to others including Nathan, in part because of his own insecurities with himself. He is part River Phoenix from Stand By Me (1986), and a somewhat mild form of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter but without all the refined edges.

Matt (Boy #1)

Male, (9 – 14 years) - along with Boy #2 is a follower, someone who has little confidence in themselves so they follow Joe instead. Like Joe, Matt too has issues of insecurity but doesn’t rise to the occasion of picking on others, instead he is informed by Joe’s leadership. Matt does show courage towards the end when he goes for help after a washing machine has fallen on Joe in the junkyard.

Chris (Boy #2)

Male, (9 – 14 years) - Just like Matt. Chris is a lackey to Joe. He as well has his own insecurities but doesn’t show them in a bully esque-fashion unless he’s around Joe, just as Matt does.


Male & Female, (Any, but must be quite flexible) - Nathan’s monster is a direct shadow of Nathan. The monster and Nathan are directly connected through thoughts and feelings. It’s an almost psychic connection that they share. The monster is also Nathan’s protector. Protecting him from the adult world that looms over Nathan’s head constantly. Once Nathan overcomes his fears of growing up, his monster leaves him because he is not needed anymore. The Monster cannot talk; he is strictly a silent character that reacts to everything around him. Yet at the same time he is an extremely wise soul with a childlike demeanor. A cross between E.T. and the Tramp by Charlie Chaplin.

Supporting Actors & Actresses:

Female, (35 – 45 years)
Male, (35 – 45 years)

Casting Dates:
Please email me or call me if you are planning to attend one of our casting sessions. This will help me gage how many people are showing up and for what parts.

~ WHEN ~
Saturday, September 17th, 2011 - From 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

~ AT ~


For the audition we will ask you to read a segment from “Bag Lady” short film as if you’re that character. BE PREPARED TO DO IMPROVISATION.

If you doing an online audition please introduce yourself first and tell us something about you. We want to know about you.

Please bring resume & headshot to the audition. Online auditions are also accepted.

Shooting Dates:
Saturday, November 12th, 2011
Sunday, November 13th, 2011
Monday, November 14th, 2011

Saturday, November 19th, 2011
Sunday, November 20th, 2011
Monday, November 21st, 2011

Expect 12 Hour Shooting Days

Konstantin Sumtsev, Casting Director

Preschool Age Children and female adult needed for a web video

We will be creating a web video for Merfin Systems located in King, NC. We need to shoot a scene in a preschool with several children ( ages 4 to 6) and one teacher using Merfin's paper towel products. There is no pay for this shoot. It should take about 3 hours. We will be shooting it on Wednesday, Sept. 28th.

You may contact me through our website if you are interested in this job.

Sarah Holmes

For Saturday in Myrtle Beach area

Vanessa Ncasting
For Saturday in Myrtle Beach area... I need
13 Cars (7 Black drivers & 6 Caucasian of Latino)
5 Hispanics (Immigrant types to include One older man 65-75, 1 50s woman, 2 25-35yr old women, 1 20 yr old man)
15 Black pedestrians
if you fit any of these descriptions and can work on Saturday in the Myrtle Beach area. It maybe Calabash not sure yet.

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